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High-quality Products

We Offer Comprehensive Solutions

Our clients benefit from our experience in national and international projects. We share our proven path to success under demanding and highly-sensitive conditions.


Products For The Extractive Industry

Fourthane Innovative Solutions

We bring products of recognized international quality to Ecuador,
including products focused on maintaining, protecting and repairing
conveyor belts, concentrator plants and SAG Mills.


Conveyor Belt Technology

Exclusively for Ecuador, we bring international quality conveyor belts thanks to our strategic alliance with Conveyor Belt Technology, a leading company in innovation, installation, supervision and maintenance of conveyor belts.



Multidisciplinary Engineering
Multidisciplinary Engineering
Multidisciplinary Engineering

We offer, in alliance with Shimin Chile, Engineering services in Mineral Processing Plants and Transportation.

Infrastructure and Power Generation
Infrastructure and Power Generation
Infrastructure and Power Generation

We offer services and engineering to develop Infrastructure and Energy Generation projects.

Strategic Consulting
Strategic Consulting
Strategic Consulting

Strategic Advisory Services for the Extractive Industry.

Operational Continuous Improvement
Operational Continuous Improvement
Operational Continuous Improvement

We bring to Ecuador all the experience of MAXMA, a leading company in the Chilean mining industry.

Miscellaneous Services
Miscellaneous Services
Miscellaneous Services

We advise on the execution of detailed services in civil works and large-scale construction.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our products and services?

APD Proyectos has years of extensive experience in national and international markets.

The company has a clear vision: to be the leading, high-level strategic consulting company in Ecuador and to provide goods and services for the extractive industry.

Our Sustainability and Safety Policy—aligned with the SDG—promotes social responsibility, sustainable use of natural resources, and the prevention of material damage. Our policy focuses on minimizing negative socio-environmental impact to strike a balance between the economic, environmental and social.

What does the high-level strategic consulting service we provide consist of?

APD Proyectos is a strategic ally for national and international investors looking to enter the Ecuadorian market in a secure, transparent and efficient way. We have an expert team who understands all facets of the market and identifies secure investments.

In addition to the APD Proyectos team, our clients benefit from international, strategic allies working in countries like Chile and Australia, where mining has existed for decades. Together, we provide access to practical and theoretical knowledge to ensure the success of your investments.

Our consultancy is focused on both national and international clients. We work to ensure that companies that want to invest in Ecuador—or companies that already work in the country and are starting a new investment project—feel the support and dedicated guidance of APD Proyectos.

What are the benefits of the services we offer?

Thanks to our strategic alliances, we offer quality services in comprehensive engineering design. We are specialists in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) modality. We supervise, manage and administer our client’s resources.

In the construction field, we provide equipment, machinery and labor. We have specialists for topographic studies, geologists, large-scale civil works, as well as electromechanical, electrical and control works.

We provide operational and maintenance services for roads, bridges and energy generation sites. We provide all air, land and river logistics, including purchasing, quoting and warehousing.

We work with a manufacturing facility of industrial capacity to manufacture metal bridges, hydraulic gates, tanks, metal structures and small equipment to international standards.